Digital Humanities: Digital Humanities Advancement Grants

Period of Performance

11/1/2017 - 4/30/2021

Funding Totals

$74,123.00 (approved)
$74,075.78 (awarded)

Mining Citation in Digital Humanities: A central bibliography of Digital Humanities Quarterly

FAIN: HAA-256138-17

Northeastern University (Boston, MA 02115-5005)
Julia Hammond Flanders (Project Director: January 2017 to May 2022)

The further development of a centralized bibliography, a revised editorial workflow, and pilot citation analysis study for the scholarly journal Digital Humanities Quarterly.

Digital Humanities Quarterly seeks funding to complete the development of a centralized bibliography of digital humanities that will support the journal's publication and provide data for citation research and analysis. Building on an NEH-funded prototype, the project will expand the existing bibliography, enhance it with local authority control, and develop a streamlined workflow for maintaining the bibliography as part of the journal's regular production. A pilot research analysis will explore the potential of the data for rhetorical and citation analysis focusing on discipline formation and discursive practices in digital humanities. An exploratory interface for the bibliography will be integrated into the DHQ publication, and the data will also be exposed through a public API.

Associated Products

Biblio (Computer Program)
Title: Biblio
Author: Ash Clark
Abstract: Biblio is an XML-based platform for data conversion and management of digital bibliographic data.
Year: 2021
Primary URL:
Primary URL Description: This is this URL for the public code repository for the Biblio tool.
Access Model: Biblio is developed for internal use by the DHQ journal.
Programming Language/Platform: Languages: XQuery, XSLT. Platform: BaseX, Linux.
Source Available?: Yes