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Period of Performance

3/1/2020 - 2/28/2023

Funding Totals

$296,257.00 (approved)
$296,257.00 (awarded)

Reconstruction 360 Production Grant

FAIN: MN-268882-20

ETV Endowment of South Carolina, Inc. (Spartanburg, SC 29302-1970)
Betsy Newman (Project Director: June 2019 to March 2024)

Production of an immersive website and mobile application exploring the impact and legacy of Reconstruction.

Reconstruction 360 is a web and mobile application that, for the first time, brings Reconstruction history to a 360° video platform. Created for the general public, students and educators, Reconstruction 360 is designed to increase understanding of the Reconstruction era for users of digital devices including computers, tablets and phones. It will contain six modules, each interpreting a different theme of Reconstruction history. To date, the first module, Land and Labor: Forty Acres and a Mule, has been completed and can be accessed at For each module, the 360° video platform consists of a reenactment of a different aspect of Reconstruction history. The purpose of the immersive reenactment is to place the user inside the scene, creating a first-person experience. This emerging form of storytelling provides a sense of presence and place, inducing feelings of empathy, fear, conflict, and other responses that help people internalize difficult content.

Associated Products

Reconstruction 360 (Web Resource)
Title: Reconstruction 360
Author: Betsy Newman
Author: Patrick Hayes
Author: South Carolina ETV
Abstract: Reconstruction 360 is a multi-module digital program for the general public, students, and educators who use a range of desktop and mobile devices. It examines humanities themes related to Reconstruction and helps to deepen the public’s understanding of this crucial period of American history. It employs 360° scenes that utilize composite characters developed from primary documents and historical research, with an emphasis on the agency of freedpeople.
Year: 2023
Primary URL:


2019 Live Virtual Learning Award
Date: 8/18/2019
Organization: NETA - National Educational Telecommunications Association
Abstract: The Public Media Awards presented by NETA honor our member's work in the highest caliber content, education, marketing, and engagement. A mosaic of relevant content that reflects both creativity and diversity that paint rich stories of truth and consequence. Piece by piece and member by member, we come together as choreographers of the public good, to spark more imagination, and inspiration than we ever could have alone.