Research Programs: Scholarly Editions and Translations

Period of Performance

7/1/2005 - 6/30/2007

Funding Totals

$80,000.00 (approved)
$80,000.00 (awarded)

The Publication of Five Volumes of the Dead Sea Scrolls

FAIN: RQ-50143-05

University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, IN 46556-4635)
Eugene C. Ulrich (Project Director: November 2004 to February 2007)

Publication of five volumes of the Dead Sea Scrolls (12 months)

We are requesting the support of NEH for the publication of four text volumes of Dead Sea Scrolls and one volume of corrections to the DJD [Discoveries in the Judaean Desert] series. The scrolls antedate by a millennium our previously available biblical manuscripts and also include hundreds of texts unknown before. Nine NEH grants have allowed Ulrich to complete six biblical volumes, and during six NEH grants VanderKam has edited eleven volumes of extra-biblical scrolls and one summary volume. Now that the primary work of completing the DJD series has shifted from Jerusalem to Notre Dame, the proposed grant will be crucial for ensuring that the 41-volume publication project will reach its end.