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The Papers of George Washington
Edward Lengel, University of Virginia

Grant details:

Review of The Papers of George Washington. Revolutionary War Series, Vol. 21 (1 June-31 July 1779) (Review)
Author(s): Harold E. Selesky
Publication: The Journal of Military History, Vol. 77, No. 3, pp. 1108-10
Date: 7/1/2013
Abstract: Selesky favorably reviews the content and editing of this scholarly edition, observing, "we learn as much as we will likely ever know about Washington's management of his army at this point in the war." Selesky concludes: "I admire and respect the monumental task the Washington editors have accomplished in making the man come alive."

Book Review (Review)
Author(s): Charles W. Royster
Publication: Journal of Southern History 78 (February 2012): 150-51
Date: 2/1/2012
Abstract: Summary review of the most recent volumes of the Papers of George Washington, Revolutionary War Series. High praise for content and editorial effort: the editors "have served well both Washington and those who study his career."

Book Review (Review)
Author(s): Van Beck Hall
Publication: Journal of Southern History, 78, 4 (November 2012): 958-60
Date: 11/1/2012
Abstract: A highly favorable review of this volume: "The editors of The Papers of George Washington have continued their exceptional work . . . . The great value of this work to scholars includes not only the editing of the material but also the careful editorial notes that identify all those mentioned in the correspondence and detail the events narrated in the letters. The editors also provided four excellent maps . . . . This volume continues the editors' fine work in previous volumes and should be on the shelf of any reputable research library and of any serious scholar of the early republic"

Charlottesville Right Now Daily Radio Show on WINA 1070 (Media Coverage)
Date: 2/22/2013
Abstract: A twenty-minute interview with William M. Ferraro, volume editor of Revolutionary War 21 of The Papers of George Washington, on highlights of the volume. Emphasis given to GW's leadership in response to the "terrorist" raids on Connecticut, planning of the surprise night attack on Stony Point, N.Y., and humanity in giving his artillery commander Henry Knox leave to attend to his ailing wife upon the sickness and death of an infant daughter.

Book Review (Review)
Author(s): Caroline Cox
Publication: Journal of American History, 99 (Dec. 2012): 892-93
Date: 12/1/2012
Abstract: A highly favorable review that gives primary attention to prisoners of war, the planning of Sullivan's expedition, and the Culper spy ring. "The issue of the prisoners of war," wrote Cox, "is one that shows the depth and breadth of the editing in this series that has won it widespread acclaim." She concludes: "The editors of these papers continue to serve scholars, teachers, and general readers in an exemplary way. Washington would be pleased."